This content is a little bit old – I will have some updates before too long – but it is still valid, and in particular, the furnace has stood the test of time!

I’d always be tempted to try my hand at a bit of metalworking, but the equipment requirements seemed so daunting. And expensive. It looked like doing anything even remotely useful required a slew of very expensive tools.

And then one day, I was building a wood rack (being an occasional
woodworker, I ended up quite logically with a lot of wood. Wood
everywhere) using a plan from an old Popular Mechanics, when I
saw an ad for Lindsay. “Build a metal shop from scrap”. It sounded worth
spending a few bucks on, see what it was all about.

So I finished my wood rack and ordered the Gingery books from Lindsay. The idea of building a metal foundry and casting tool parts sounded just too much fun to pass up!

This is the continuing tale of my metalworking adventures.
I’ll add more as I go.